This illustrated book is for children ages 5-8. It relates the heartwarming story of WB, the protagonist who learns a valuable lesson: the best kind of life is one spent in recognition of the significance of others. But for WB there is something of a learning curve, and at the beginning of the story he is rather oblivious to those around him. It takes a trusted and kindly grandfather with a magical sweater to put him on the right track. WB dons the sweater and discovers himself a superhero. Somehow the sweater has made him proud to be who he is, and this is a direct result of the attention and care that he bestows upon others. The boy must confront a hard truth when others at school make fun of him: This is a world in which many people have contempt for superheroes of compassion. Unfazed by critics, WB comes to the aid of a girl being bullied, helps a boy with his backpack, and assists a child on crutches. But when he climbs a tree to rescue a cat, he tears his sweater and loses his superhero powers. In the moving climax of the story, WB discovers that being a superhero had nothing whatever to do with the sweater, that he only has to believe in himself and act with love toward others. He finds himself reconciled to his enemies, and the book concludes on a resounding note of the power of the human spirit, the enormous possibilities inherent to simple acts of kindness, mercy, and forgiveness.


The creator and face behind “WB” the child character is Whilly Bermudez. An American marketing entrepreneur and philanthropist who is affectionately known as “the WB.” Whilly has been one of the best-known marketers in South Florida and one of the most recognizable names in the industry. He has developed business concepts for clients since 1997, has produced over 1,000 events and live shows, and has received acclaim as one of the leading social media marketers.

Whilly is the founder of WB Media, a national marketing and web development firm with an impressive portfolio and client base. He has received endorsements from Educational institutions, as well as major newspapers, and organizations. Whilly Bermudez is also an author, who combines all that he does with charitable causes. He is driven by a hunger to help, supporting various causes and donating to them throughout the year. As an example of his philanthropy, he is the founder of Ignite Social Hope, a global movement set in motion to help heal and inspire others in the world through the broadcast of inspirational posts and updates via social media. It’s a simple belief that if we come together and utilize our social media presence to encourage and motivate daily, we can shape our world.

Having written two children’s books WB and The 10 Good Things and WB and The Ring of Power Whilly aims to instill and encourage positive living in young children ages and young people all over the world.He believes that our most precious commodity is time: “We are only on the earth for a moment, a fragment of time, and we cannot wait for a ‘defining moment.’ All moments define us. We should spend all of our time moving towards love, happiness, and making our mark in the world through good deeds.”The ultimate objective of Whilly Bermudez is to leave behind a legacy of good deeds and innovative accomplishments.


“Who is WB?”

WB is any child, every child, and every young person who has not yet recognized the difficulties and complexities of the world in which we all live. WB represents all children who are trying to fit in and find their place at school and at home.

WB is all of those children who will soon come to learn that their existence matters, that they can make a positive impact in their own lives and the lives of others. The decisions they make and the knowledge that they have the power to make them, will shape who they become and what contribution they make to the world.

The initials are not as important as the message. The initials “WB” can be used to represent the initials of any child’s name. They are intended to symbolize all children and young people who are learning the importance of doing good for others. All children are unique. WB is the vehicle I have created to help instill Good Deeds in our children. However, a book without you, the narrator of life, wouldn’t be enough to teach those lessons. Only you can choose to be the lightning rod for good and a living example in the lives of our young people.

I truly hope that you will choose to do your part to help the WB’s of the world become all that they can – one good deed at a time.

Sincerely Yours,



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